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The Avatar Effect

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Online communication is focused on getting people to click, participate and –in the end– buy our product. With this old school approach we fail to use the knowledge on click behavior. This click behavior makes the online user leaving a digital footprint which is larger than life, countable and reliable. I call it the Avatar Effect.

So what is the Avatar Effect and how can we use it?

To answer the last question first; how can we use it? Officially we can’t but for sure bright people can build in tracking systems, secret click counts, by-passes and hacks to research and use this ending source of information.
I even used it once in a silly little DM mailing to potential clients in the fashion industry. They received a DVD with a promo on how to become a better and stronger brand in 6 essential questions. The last screen was built to send us a hidden message notifying our sales manager that this client was watching the DVD. Only because we were the answer to that last question. Six out of the ten we called  invited Artmiks for a talk.

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Transfering Conventional

Browsing through the net I hit the NZ blog called talking about U2 streaming Youtube collaboration. Apparently there was a live broadcast in New Zealand of a U2 show.

Does Conventional Television still play a part in our society ?

DILO 9:02 pm
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He asks his readers. My question would be: What are we looking at here? It’s still a screen. It’s still a linear story  with a start and an end. It’s still not clickable. The only new thing here is I’m not comfortably hanging on the sofa with my partner crawling against me or feeling the Mega Bass beating my ears at the stadium. Isn’t it only a transfer of conventional Television?

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