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Reputation Management on the Internet. Start NOW!

Online Reputation Management
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While you are reading this post, your customers are writing about you on the web. Good things, but also bad things. With that they leave an indelible impression on the Internet about your company. When more people add to a bad write-up about your company on some forum or blog, it gets harder to manage. If you keep a close look on what’s being said about your company, you can pick out the bad stuff and give your comments there. Either apologize and come with a solution, explain to the customer regarding his complaint or ask him more and try to make him happy again.

If you wait too long, other people may have added their remarks and your comment may end up on the bottom of the list where nobody looks anymore. Then you are too late! The damage is done and it is recorded for ever! Nothing you can do about it anymore. So don’t wait! Start today following what is said about your company on the web and manage the bad stuff by reacting ASAP!

Gert-Jan Scheers

An example of how to trace the buzz on the web.


Marketing & Communication Department?

I love PR (public relations)

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Last week I visited a major bank. They guided me through their building and suddenly I noticed a sign: “Marketing & Communication” it said.

Those things puzzle me and make me feel sad. Don’t I understand or don’t they understand? How in heavens name can the manager of that department allow to have such a department in the first place. D

oes he or she know what marketing really is? I wonder.

Communication is a major part of marketing. It is one of the 4 P’s since before I was born (which is a long time ago, believe me). Most of my students who take Marketing 101 took it because they thought that’s what marketing is all about! So what does marketing do in that bank? Product management? Pricing? Distribution? Market/marketing intelligence?

Even David Meerman Scott adds to the confusion with the title of his latest book “The new rules of marketing & PR” And PR??? Since when isn’t PR a part of marketing David?

I urge every real marketeer to explain what marketing really is. Marketing as a business concept and marketing as a business activity. Developing value (goods/services), pricing it, selecting the best way for customers to acquire it and communicating with customers and prospects about the value created.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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