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Hello, Dolly!
Image by Toni Barros via Flickr

Being in a social network is no longer enough: being listed is the new thing.

We came from push content in web 1.0 and power to the user in 2.0. With ‘lists’ we’re kinda going back to the content phase. With the rapid growth of useless information the user is urging to find relative content. Try to find: Dolly (Parton) on Google and you’ll be able to search for years through the 21 million results. Do the same at and you will not only have less results (only 4,000+) you will also be able to downsize those results by sharpening the search by adding tags. Users are getting fed up with search even though they don’t want anything else. As using Semantic Search does make it easier to find better results users are not finding their way to these engines since they require some basic knowledge and –mind you– will power to find what you want.

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Banner Insights

The Clash - London Calling - Pennie Smith
Image by oddsock via Flickr

You think anno 2009 ad agencies would know how to communicate online. But – this week’s experience – it’s far from reality. Art directors of ad agencies really have no clue of online marketing communication and the insights of visitor behaviours. Personally I feel they should either get educated or be banned from this responsibility. I almost smashed my iPhone against my table of anger.

Therefore I came up with the idea to write some basic rules and behaviours for a good banner after a clash with a ‘world famous’ agency, although this blog is meant to be about online marketing above online communication. SO – Here they are …

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