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Buying Platforms

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Been presenting on line concepts to several bigger clients like Nike Europe, Tommy Hilfiger and Kluwer. I talked about the impact of a free use of the internet and how to infiltrate existing platforms like Twitter.  The confusion is the same with all marketers: “How do we reach our potential target group with no money?” I reply with the same question: “How much money do you spend on traditonal media like tv and print?” The key is not to spend it on split seconds of attention but on full minutes or even hours of engagement.

I’ve found this interesting and extremely good explanation by Seth Godin. The new way of marketing is not to rent eyeballs but to get people on board of our platform. For this we need to 1) buy a platform, and to 2) make sure people join. Read his full story on his great blog.

Compared to the cost of renting eyeballs, buying a platform is cheap. Filling it with people eager to hear from you… that’s the expensive part. But if you don’t invest in the platform, you’ll be at a disadvantage, now and forever. The smart way to build a brand today is to invest in the elements of the platform… the product, the technology, the websites (plural) and the systems you need to make it easy for people to show up at your very own trade show. And then embrace these people and shoot for 90% conversion, not .5%.

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