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Silos kill digital strategy?

I was just reading this part below on how companies are not ready to understand that they have to look at marketing in different ways:
Although the internet functions as a directory, store, and customer relationship tool, those aspects of branding are all separa


te for clients, and that stifles digital creativity. Kokich explained how Razorfish once pitched a

company on an idea that he personally was excited about, and the company’s CMO was on board as well. But once other departments were looped into the idea, it died on the vine.

“It could have been a lousy idea, but it doesn’t matter,” Kokich said. “The silos will kill digital strategy. At most companies, the only person who could buy an idea like that is the CEO, and that’s not going to happen most of the time.” (whole article).

We know for a fact that most people working in big organisations don’t like to take risks. They are the sheep Seth Godin so vividly describes in his book Tribes. But all the new technology demands change. Change in agencies, change in marketing departments and even change in organisations in a broader sense to overcome the Silo problem mentioned above.

So! How to start? Develop seperate digital marketing departments? Hire digital whizz kids in your agency? Trade in some of the traditional MarCom people for math geeks? Think about it. Do you really want your Google analytics to be the responsibility of people who know all about text and visuals?

What is the safe way? Or is there no safe way? Do we need more tribe leaders to make these changes? Are you one of them? Do you dare?

Marketing is essential. It should be the core of most if not every organisation.
“Digital” technologies are really only new tools for marketeers. It certainly will change / enhance the way we can engage the customer. So don’t separate it from main stream marketing but integrate it!

We challenge you to tell us how you are doing just that. Or how you think it should be done.

Gert-Jan Scheers (a marketing monkey)


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