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Does anybody know what marketing means?

4 P's Marketingmix, Language: nl

4 P’s Marketingmix, Language: nl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s time to think of a new name for the philosophy and activities that encompass the term Marketing. In my experience when people say “marketing” they actually mean ‘marketing communication’. A big dutch bank has product management and marketing as seperate departments. They consider it to be different things. But according to the theory Product management has to do with the product which happens to be the first and probably most important P of the marketing mix. Creating value for customers starts with offering something they want and are happy to buy. But when even big professionally lead companies use the term marketing really only for the communications part, how can we expect less professionally lead companies to do it right.

Marketing has 4 P’s. And when the product is awesome, the need to sell it, brand it, communicate it, price it and distribute it is much less important.

Buggaboo sees it;s design department as leading and marketing is supporting. But hey!!!!! Designing the product is integral to the marketing idea. Again a company with people that have degrees in marketing that treat marketing as if it only encompasses the communication and branding part. So maybe it is a lost battle to have 4 P’s in marketing. Time for a new name for what marketing really encompasses? Creating value for selected people. How about “Customer Value Development” department.  Cuz that is what it’s all about! With a fitting good or service (combined as a product), that specific people perceive as valuable and can easily acquire at a price they feel is value for money to them.

Any suggestions for a better name?

Or should we as marketeers stop giving the wrong example and put all 4 P’s together and make it marketing again?

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Social media cause a fundamental change in Marketing

Yesterday i was in a meeting with representatives of interactive agencies  in The Netherlands. We were discussing the possibility of setting up a taskforce regarding Social Media within the IAB. Part of the discussion was about whether to use the term Social Media or Social Marketing. Some of us argued that it is more important to focus on the radically new way of thinking about marketing communication. Others wanted to talk about the different technologies that enable this paradigm shift.

Then people started to ask what the customers want. Hey, smart move!

Are they ready to embrace the new way of marketing? Engaging customers in a broader sense. Or is that too abstract (especially in the current market conditions). Do they prefer to hear about successful marketing cases with specific social media tools? How to get short term results!

I suppose the industry has to do a bit of both. But even if the industry does nothing, the market will teach the companies a lesson if they don’t innovate in this area of marketing and corporate communication. It’s like a sea where the tide is coming in. Your carefully built castle near the sea will be surrounded and eventually erased as so many sandcastles are at the end of the day. Working with the sea, becoming part of the sea is the only way for survival.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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Marketing & Communication Department?

I love PR (public relations)

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Last week I visited a major bank. They guided me through their building and suddenly I noticed a sign: “Marketing & Communication” it said.

Those things puzzle me and make me feel sad. Don’t I understand or don’t they understand? How in heavens name can the manager of that department allow to have such a department in the first place. D

oes he or she know what marketing really is? I wonder.

Communication is a major part of marketing. It is one of the 4 P’s since before I was born (which is a long time ago, believe me). Most of my students who take Marketing 101 took it because they thought that’s what marketing is all about! So what does marketing do in that bank? Product management? Pricing? Distribution? Market/marketing intelligence?

Even David Meerman Scott adds to the confusion with the title of his latest book “The new rules of marketing & PR” And PR??? Since when isn’t PR a part of marketing David?

I urge every real marketeer to explain what marketing really is. Marketing as a business concept and marketing as a business activity. Developing value (goods/services), pricing it, selecting the best way for customers to acquire it and communicating with customers and prospects about the value created.

Gert-Jan Scheers

Learning new languages

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Picture this: You are a young Italian boy living in a small mountain village against the green slopes of Sicily. You’re 20. You go to school and watch TV. One day you open the shutters of your bedroom window and you think: “Mi piacerebbe davvero allontanarsi.” You know you want to be a part of the big world. It’s out there in the distance. You are aware of that. You can see that world on your TV screen every day. It’s fast, beautiful, trendy. It looks like so much more vivid than your own dusty town.

There’s only one problem. The language of the big world is English but apart from your high school teacher .. no one in your town speaks English. So – You decide to learn it all by yourself.

You’ll have to find ways to learn English. You watch more TV, you find courses online and you install ‘speech’ on your computer.

After 2 years of intense self study you’ll speak English like no other in your village or even in a range of a few kilometers.

You buy a ticket and you end up in Amsterdam … it’s your dream come true. But also a complete emotional crash. You do not speak the language you have tried to learn so hard. People have a hard time to understand you. They even ask you on what kind of computer you learned your sentences.

It’s exactly that what is happening in the Social Media and Marketing area. People that call themselves professionals really want to learn the language of the country that’s only comes to you through a screen. They follow, repeat, rehearse, study. But honestly: you’ll never get it unless you’re really a part of it.

To understand the language of the new world, you can not simply repeat other peoples successes. You have to feel to understand. You have to question the ‘why’ and not the ‘how’. You have to get the difference between ‘post’ and ‘send’.

Fellow professionals: question!


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