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Who needs screens anyway!

augmented reality with LEGO
Image by antjeverena via Flickr

Light Touch by Light Blue Optics.

We might not want screens in the near future. Great for augmented reality. Now what can we do with this technology fellow marketing monkeys? Every day a new challenge, yessss!

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Home telepresence

CES: Cisco shows home telepresence.

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 12: (L-R)  Ryan Lochte, Ka...
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You better not wear your PJ’s when you pick up the “phone” next year.

The next step is holograms of the people we talk to. Or can we use our avatar in case we look like sh*t?

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Kiss the principle

Jumping Brain by Emilio Garcia
Image by “lapolab” via Flickr

Every 1 out of 5 clients offer you a brief and end it with the acronym: K.I.S.S.. Likely they add words like result, target, goal. and ROI. “OMG – There we go again, headache!”

Reading K.I.S.S. in the brief used to put me off … “Excuse me! You don’t want my fantastic new and never-seen-before ideas? You don’t want me to be truly creative and rock the consumer’s world?” It feels like the worst repulsive thing to tell a creative director to keep it simple and STUPID. When a brief said explicitly K.I.S.S. I replied: “my ass. “I didn’t want the job. Simply because I didn’t believe K.I.S.S. would lead to better results. I believe in Engagement in Discovery. I want to treat the consumer as smart, able to think, and digest a message.

Maybe it’s age or weariness. Since a year or so I’m following K.I.S.S. as well without rebellion. Two mandatory reasons:

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Budget redesign

Coins and banknotes, two of the most common ph...
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Social media, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, adwords,……… What is the impact on your business? But another question is, What impact does it have on the allocation of funds within your budget? Just adding people to use the new technologies in your favor is probably not an option. Something has to give. In most organizations the amount that can be invested in marketing communication and in other marketing responsibilities (research, product development) will not be allowed to grow. What will the marketing department have to give up in order to invest in the future? You can’t have it all mister marketing manager!

Again the necessity of spending a lot of attention on accountability of everything marketing is investing money on will be key to deciding on what to keep and what to cut or spend less on. A redistribution of funds, for people and the rest, is necessary.

Try to define for your own organization what is the least successful investment and swap it for new, more innovative ways of creating value and letting people know about it.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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Marketing to the top

Nautical Compass
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A very recent study by Prof. Leeflang and Prof. Frambach showed a big difference in the perceived value of marketing’s influence on the succes of organiszations in Europe and the USA. Marketing in Europe seems to be pushed back to only one P, Promotion aka marketing communication. Product development seems to be back in the hands of R&D, Pricing with the people in sales and distribution…? In the USA and Israel marketing is still perceived as very valuable. Why the big difference between Europe and the USA? They didn’t give an explanation, at least not at the meeting I attended. I must read their book soon (it’s in Dutch).

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Social media cause a fundamental change in Marketing

Yesterday i was in a meeting with representatives of interactive agencies  in The Netherlands. We were discussing the possibility of setting up a taskforce regarding Social Media within the IAB. Part of the discussion was about whether to use the term Social Media or Social Marketing. Some of us argued that it is more important to focus on the radically new way of thinking about marketing communication. Others wanted to talk about the different technologies that enable this paradigm shift.

Then people started to ask what the customers want. Hey, smart move!

Are they ready to embrace the new way of marketing? Engaging customers in a broader sense. Or is that too abstract (especially in the current market conditions). Do they prefer to hear about successful marketing cases with specific social media tools? How to get short term results!

I suppose the industry has to do a bit of both. But even if the industry does nothing, the market will teach the companies a lesson if they don’t innovate in this area of marketing and corporate communication. It’s like a sea where the tide is coming in. Your carefully built castle near the sea will be surrounded and eventually erased as so many sandcastles are at the end of the day. Working with the sea, becoming part of the sea is the only way for survival.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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The Avatar Effect

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...
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Online communication is focused on getting people to click, participate and –in the end– buy our product. With this old school approach we fail to use the knowledge on click behavior. This click behavior makes the online user leaving a digital footprint which is larger than life, countable and reliable. I call it the Avatar Effect.

So what is the Avatar Effect and how can we use it?

To answer the last question first; how can we use it? Officially we can’t but for sure bright people can build in tracking systems, secret click counts, by-passes and hacks to research and use this ending source of information.
I even used it once in a silly little DM mailing to potential clients in the fashion industry. They received a DVD with a promo on how to become a better and stronger brand in 6 essential questions. The last screen was built to send us a hidden message notifying our sales manager that this client was watching the DVD. Only because we were the answer to that last question. Six out of the ten we called  invited Artmiks for a talk.

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