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The days of using a mouse and keyboard are coming to an end!

The Xerox Alto workstation, first to use a gra...
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When i first saw a mouse it was at an office equipent exhibition in Amsterdam (many of you weren’t even born then). I remember it well. It was on the Xerox stand and we all stared in awe. Most of us had no idea that we were watching the future and that soon it would be the default part of any personal computer. The video i have included may be just a similar moment in time. Showing us the new concept of interfacing with computers in a three dimensional way. View it and some time you may reminisce like i did above!

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Who needs screens anyway!

augmented reality with LEGO
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Light Touch by Light Blue Optics.

We might not want screens in the near future. Great for augmented reality. Now what can we do with this technology fellow marketing monkeys? Every day a new challenge, yessss!

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