Does anybody know what marketing means?

4 P's Marketingmix, Language: nl

4 P’s Marketingmix, Language: nl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s time to think of a new name for the philosophy and activities that encompass the term Marketing. In my experience when people say “marketing” they actually mean ‘marketing communication’. A big dutch bank has product management and marketing as seperate departments. They consider it to be different things. But according to the theory Product management has to do with the product which happens to be the first and probably most important P of the marketing mix. Creating value for customers starts with offering something they want and are happy to buy. But when even big professionally lead companies use the term marketing really only for the communications part, how can we expect less professionally lead companies to do it right.

Marketing has 4 P’s. And when the product is awesome, the need to sell it, brand it, communicate it, price it and distribute it is much less important.

Buggaboo sees it;s design department as leading and marketing is supporting. But hey!!!!! Designing the product is integral to the marketing idea. Again a company with people that have degrees in marketing that treat marketing as if it only encompasses the communication and branding part. So maybe it is a lost battle to have 4 P’s in marketing. Time for a new name for what marketing really encompasses? Creating value for selected people. How about “Customer Value Development” department.  Cuz that is what it’s all about! With a fitting good or service (combined as a product), that specific people perceive as valuable and can easily acquire at a price they feel is value for money to them.

Any suggestions for a better name?

Or should we as marketeers stop giving the wrong example and put all 4 P’s together and make it marketing again?

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How Marketers use Social Media in 2010

Below an overview of what marketers do with social media in this year. How will it be in 2011?

Everybody’s Doing It: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

The days of using a mouse and keyboard are coming to an end!

The Xerox Alto workstation, first to use a gra...
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When i first saw a mouse it was at an office equipent exhibition in Amsterdam (many of you weren’t even born then). I remember it well. It was on the Xerox stand and we all stared in awe. Most of us had no idea that we were watching the future and that soon it would be the default part of any personal computer. The video i have included may be just a similar moment in time. Showing us the new concept of interfacing with computers in a three dimensional way. View it and some time you may reminisce like i did above!

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Who needs screens anyway!

augmented reality with LEGO
Image by antjeverena via Flickr

Light Touch by Light Blue Optics.

We might not want screens in the near future. Great for augmented reality. Now what can we do with this technology fellow marketing monkeys? Every day a new challenge, yessss!

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Home telepresence

CES: Cisco shows home telepresence.

NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 12: (L-R)  Ryan Lochte, Ka...
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You better not wear your PJ’s when you pick up the “phone” next year.

The next step is holograms of the people we talk to. Or can we use our avatar in case we look like sh*t?

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Budget redesign

Coins and banknotes, two of the most common ph...
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Social media, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, adwords,……… What is the impact on your business? But another question is, What impact does it have on the allocation of funds within your budget? Just adding people to use the new technologies in your favor is probably not an option. Something has to give. In most organizations the amount that can be invested in marketing communication and in other marketing responsibilities (research, product development) will not be allowed to grow. What will the marketing department have to give up in order to invest in the future? You can’t have it all mister marketing manager!

Again the necessity of spending a lot of attention on accountability of everything marketing is investing money on will be key to deciding on what to keep and what to cut or spend less on. A redistribution of funds, for people and the rest, is necessary.

Try to define for your own organization what is the least successful investment and swap it for new, more innovative ways of creating value and letting people know about it.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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