Free Value

W139 Art Space Free Entrance
Image by marc0047 via Flickr

Products that are ‘free’ or ‘gratis’ have no value to the consumer. It’s a trial, a one-off that is not interesting, not appealing and too easy to get. Being given or handed out to the consumer makes it even more ludicrous.

Still …

Clients want to give their product away. ‘Free sample’, ‘Free entrance’, ‘Free newspaper’.

I’m the last to fight the fact that free stuff does work in some occasions but please … Stop trashing your own desirable product that you have been lovingly worked on to develop, design, assemble, produce and distribute. The energy you’ve put into it DOES resemble value. People DO want to pay for it.

The fact that people have to pay to get it makes it rewardable and therefor will automatically raise the value of the product.

In the new economy pushed by the internet where almost everything is ‘free’ or at least cheaper, the consumer reached the level of disbelieve and mistrust towards this way of ‘selling’ a product. It’s either “low quality” or “Somebody has to pay for this and it’ll probably me.”

Trust and desire comes with the payment.

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