Social media cause a fundamental change in Marketing

Yesterday i was in a meeting with representatives of interactive agencies  in The Netherlands. We were discussing the possibility of setting up a taskforce regarding Social Media within the IAB. Part of the discussion was about whether to use the term Social Media or Social Marketing. Some of us argued that it is more important to focus on the radically new way of thinking about marketing communication. Others wanted to talk about the different technologies that enable this paradigm shift.

Then people started to ask what the customers want. Hey, smart move!

Are they ready to embrace the new way of marketing? Engaging customers in a broader sense. Or is that too abstract (especially in the current market conditions). Do they prefer to hear about successful marketing cases with specific social media tools? How to get short term results!

I suppose the industry has to do a bit of both. But even if the industry does nothing, the market will teach the companies a lesson if they don’t innovate in this area of marketing and corporate communication. It’s like a sea where the tide is coming in. Your carefully built castle near the sea will be surrounded and eventually erased as so many sandcastles are at the end of the day. Working with the sea, becoming part of the sea is the only way for survival.

Gert-Jan Scheers

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