Transfering Conventional

Browsing through the net I hit the NZ blog called talking about U2 streaming Youtube collaboration. Apparently there was a live broadcast in New Zealand of a U2 show.

Does Conventional Television still play a part in our society ?

DILO 9:02 pm
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He asks his readers. My question would be: What are we looking at here? It’s still a screen. It’s still a linear story  with a start and an end. It’s still not clickable. The only new thing here is I’m not comfortably hanging on the sofa with my partner crawling against me or feeling the Mega Bass beating my ears at the stadium. Isn’t it only a transfer of conventional Television?

I agree that broadcasters as we know them are not really moving with the platform. I don’t think they are even able to do so. TV was built around story telling to a self created target group. Their target group of mom, dad, 2 kids; a boy and a girl, worked all day, cooked dinner and played in the garden. They sat down to watch the 6 o’clock news and waited for what was coming as a reward for their work.
It will be difficult for them to keep up with the change of platforms. Imagine how the platform is even shifting to mobile. Commuters no longer watch the morning news while feeding their kids. They’ll watch it in their car or walking to the subway.

Nevertheless this is still conventional TV either with an irritating commercial break or hideous banner. Nothing new here.

I challenge you all to make a change to conventional TV adding interaction, non linear narrative and changeable backdrops.

Marco de Boer

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