The New Human

I gave a 5 minute update at one of the IPAN (Interactive Professionals Association Netherlands) evenings. The evening –led by Jacqueline Smit (Microsoft)– was about the continuous conflict between online and traditional agencies.

To explain the situation I introduced the New Human. The New Human is NOT hanging in front of a TV watching a continuous stream of mindless soaps. The Old Human has evolved.

You can clearly recognize four characteristics of the New Human in the following four leading web concepts.

Number 4: Twitter!

I twitter like MAD. And I love it. If you look at Twitter today and what it already has done and even might do in the near future, It’s magic. Twitter has changed search behaviour. Real Time search through a repository made and validated by users is a HUGE step forward.
It’s free of paid ranking, free of manipulated content, short like 14o characters, and most important of all .. UP TO DATE. Try to find news on an earthquake in Google! It was very hard to find what is happening right now.

Number 3: Facebook

Facebook has grown so rapidly in 2009, it scares me. But if you have no family at all you can start one of your own. 😉 … the power of connecting people and have them share a domain is a proven  concept in the off-line world. With Facebook you can do the same online. The real strength of this platform is yet to come.

Number 2: Layar

Not very well-known as the New York Subway App maybe but as innovative as any other new web concept: Layar. With a mobile and a cam you can find your way through the city with augmented reality. This concept will turn any screen into a screening device. Imagine this in your car on top of your TomTom Navigator.

Number 1: Zemanta

My personal favorite new application. Can I use a stupid and rigid word like ‘application’ for this dream piece of software engineering. It helps you blog, make connections, ad tags and links. The concept is based on Semantic browsing which I’m following with great interest. People are lazy by nature. After the calculator took away our math, Google took our accurate knowledge. The computer will become our brain.

Now why is that the New Human?

We want to be seen and heard (Twitter).
We want to be loved and admired (Facebook).
We want to be served with information (Zemanta).
We want to be able to move (Layar).

If you’d like to talk to the New Human, use these elements and give him tools that support him. He wants to be heard, loved, fed, and he wants to feel free. Grow with him.

Meet the New Human

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