Does anybody know what marketing means?

4 P's Marketingmix, Language: nl

4 P’s Marketingmix, Language: nl (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe it’s time to think of a new name for the philosophy and activities that encompass the term Marketing. In my experience when people say “marketing” they actually mean ‘marketing communication’. A big dutch bank has product management and marketing as seperate departments. They consider it to be different things. But according to the theory Product management has to do with the product which happens to be the first and probably most important P of the marketing mix. Creating value for customers starts with offering something they want and are happy to buy. But when even big professionally lead companies use the term marketing really only for the communications part, how can we expect less professionally lead companies to do it right.

Marketing has 4 P’s. And when the product is awesome, the need to sell it, brand it, communicate it, price it and distribute it is much less important.

Buggaboo sees it;s design department as leading and marketing is supporting. But hey!!!!! Designing the product is integral to the marketing idea. Again a company with people that have degrees in marketing that treat marketing as if it only encompasses the communication and branding part. So maybe it is a lost battle to have 4 P’s in marketing. Time for a new name for what marketing really encompasses? Creating value for selected people. How about “Customer Value Development” department.  Cuz that is what it’s all about! With a fitting good or service (combined as a product), that specific people perceive as valuable and can easily acquire at a price they feel is value for money to them.

Any suggestions for a better name?

Or should we as marketeers stop giving the wrong example and put all 4 P’s together and make it marketing again?

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Advertisement is coming to you this Summer

Japanese toilet paper includes QR codes

Who though you could place advertisement on any printable surface is right. We’ve seen ads on toilet paper, napkins, table cloth, even that dirty bit of fake nylon tissue on your air plane seat is used to communicate the benefits of a travel insurance. But that’s not all. Media agencies, ad agencies, and apparently airlines push the boundaries to sell any surface to the highest bidder. And they recently sold your ticket.

Ryanair is currently experimenting with adding advertisement to your home printed airline ticket. Not a big deal maybe… it’s nothing more than just something like a web banner. A small square next to the barcode BUT there IS actually more to it.

They are not JUST adding advertisement but they’ll add customized advertisement based on your profile. Your travel information will give the airline the power to adjust the advertisement to your ‘needs’ so to say. Whether you are a boy or a girl, whether you fly to London or Oslo, whether you are 18 or 43. This personal data will be shared and sold.

It’s a very smart way of offering your data to the market. “And since you are cheap flying with us, you will be more willing to buy whatever we offer”, Ryanair must have been thinking, selling your info. Shouting BUY ME, VALUE FOR MONEY or NEW AND IMPROVED on the plane ticket will increase any sales … right? Or might it make us more and more blind to any commercial message? Does an overkill on advertisement evoke a blind spot?

Blind spots on Time Square

Unless they are smart … so please mr. ad campaign use that ticket well …

The better creative ads you can find here.

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The End of the Homepage

Will I share your branded content?

Image by budcaddell via Flickr

The first public homepage back in 1992 must have looked a bit like this W3C page. This new way of publishing your message brought us a complete shift in information culture. But will Social Media eventually kill the homepage?

Recently serious publications dare to announce the end of the brand website as we know them. We quote Graham Hodge, branded content director at digital agency LBi:

Within budgetary constraints, marketers should not perceive an ‘either-or’ situation. ‘There is certainly plenty of life in brand websites, especially if you enjoy a transactional relationship with your customers,’ he adds. ‘However, it is naive to invest a lot of money in a destination website and not support it with activity that engages audiences out there, where they spend the bulk of their time online.

Should this be a sign to all developers? If Coca Cola, Nike, Audi are putting less effort in trying to get people to their branded content sites, why make your own little information isles? Are they about to be extinct? Forgotten by the on line consumers and neglected by content developers?

A fact of life is that anybody can only hold up some many websites and information channels. Companies struggle to feed their company website, campaign websites, blog posts, twitter feeds, facebook pages with up-to-date and relevant content. It is no more than logical that the static website will lose. Or do you still see the social media as a hype?

Based on the latest news from Brand Republic.

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How Marketers use Social Media in 2010

Below an overview of what marketers do with social media in this year. How will it be in 2011?

Everybody’s Doing It: How Marketers Are Utilizing Social Media In 2010
Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application

The days of using a mouse and keyboard are coming to an end!

The Xerox Alto workstation, first to use a gra...
Image via Wikipedia

When i first saw a mouse it was at an office equipent exhibition in Amsterdam (many of you weren’t even born then). I remember it well. It was on the Xerox stand and we all stared in awe. Most of us had no idea that we were watching the future and that soon it would be the default part of any personal computer. The video i have included may be just a similar moment in time. Showing us the new concept of interfacing with computers in a three dimensional way. View it and some time you may reminisce like i did above!

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Free Value

W139 Art Space Free Entrance
Image by marc0047 via Flickr

Products that are ‘free’ or ‘gratis’ have no value to the consumer. It’s a trial, a one-off that is not interesting, not appealing and too easy to get. Being given or handed out to the consumer makes it even more ludicrous.

Still …

Clients want to give their product away. ‘Free sample’, ‘Free entrance’, ‘Free newspaper’.

I’m the last to fight the fact that free stuff does work in some occasions but please … Continue reading ‘Free Value’

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